ARtSSt (home)

ARtSSt is a research group within the University of California San Diego. We investigate Augmented Reality (AR) techniques and how they can be applied to somatic sensing and social-self understanding.

Our group consists of computer scientists, nano-engineers, neuroscientist, and artists. Our goal is to develop the technical tools to expand AR’s abilities to have more immersive visual, auditory, and somatic experiences.

The ARtSSt group is part of the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination in consort with the IVL, Immersive Visualization Lab at UCSD.


Our group includes Faculty, Researchers, Graduate Students and Undergrads.

PI’s  – Prof: Sheldon Brown and Prof : Jurgen Schulze

Contributors :

•Jonathon Paden, Cody Carpenter, Kamran Alipour, and Charles Dickey.

•Robin Xu, Bryant Pham, and Jared Pham

Previous Contributors :

Sawandeep Kaur, Kristin Agcaoili, and Pardip Chagar.




Dadum is a multiplex arts installation that incorporates many of our groups research efforts in AR and VR. The exhibition created by Jon Paden showcased Anaglyph 3d, VR and AR. Check out some of the Videos below.

Hello world!

Currently we are working on multiple projects, including virtual touch technologies, realtime light rendering of AR objects in the environment,  Shared experience and relational UI within AR. We will be releasing more information soon, along with some development tools!   So stay tuned.


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